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5 quotes of Trump on the CPB report on waste today


Mr. President, what is your first reaction?

“Seems like Dutch media finally got some sense knocked into them. Thrilled to see that Holland has some media that is not talking bullshit. The CPB report is the first non-phony newsreport I heard about waste all my life.”

The report states that we don’t have to worry about the scarcity of oil and gas. Technological improvements make it possible to continue digging for oil and gas for a couple of hundred years more.

“Damn right, we’ve been taking oil from the earth for decades already. Pure, sweet, beautiful oil. All those phoney reports about the end of the era of oil.. that’s bullshit. Whatever happens later, we deal with it later. To hell with it. Let’s drop that whole plastic separation thing, we’ve got plenty of oil for the next decades.”

The positive impact of recycling on the environment is minimal. It is about the same amount of C02-emissions as 1% of all cars on the Dutch roads.

“Who cares about impact anyway? So first the Dutch are making their taxpayers separate waste and next up they are going to take their cars away? That will never happen in America as long as I am president. I have many cars. So anybody should be able to have a car. Nobody is taking away the right to a car nor to the way I handle my waste. It is my waste, my cars. Mind your own business.”

The majority of plastic waste is difficult to process and the opportunities to use these recycled materials for producers are limited.

“Let’s just stick to the old ways. Recycled materials are on the market already for 3 or 4 years in the Netherlands and producers are still not convinced. Let’s just make new stuff with new materials. Nobody wants recycled stuff anyway. Meanwhile we have successfully burned millions of materials for decades and making honest money with it. Cancel the whole show. I am not afraid to say it. It’s over.”

What is your recommendation for the Dutch government and people?

“If you believe in something, do it! It has to be BIG, GRANT, worldchanging. Just making minor changes, just makes you irrelevant. Look at America and how we are doing. We are the most powerful nation in the world. Look how far we got with oil, people love new products, they love to consume. My money is on oil.”
My name is Elisa van Dam and I am marketing manager of BinBang.

Why this article? This morning I read the NOS article on the CPB-report. Frustrated by the headline and content, I decided to “interview” Mr. Trump on his views on the newsflash. BinBang is a startup with the mission to save resources. On average 250 kilos of waste are unnecessarily burned per person, per year. By providing tools & organizing campagnes we stimulate people to separate their waste as clean as possible, thereby increases the value & impact of separating waste. Every change is small at first – until it it big. Are you in favor of small and big impact? Please share!