Wageningen Challenge Student Team

Wageningen Challenge Student Team

We are looking for a Marketing and Communications team that will launch an awesome campaign regarding waste separation in student flats in Wageningen. Often, students are the culprits, energywise they are not the most efficient, let alone  are they separating their waste…WHAT the HACK?

. This spring (2017) a challenge will start between student dormitories to save as much separated waste streams as they possibly can and win awesome prizes. Among others we are collaborating  with the municipality of Wageningen, waste company ACV and Idealis, but  are still looking for enthusiastic super-talents to help us successfully implement this challenge.

GOAL: Challenge students (500+) to better separate their waste  and actively contribute to the circular economy. We think big and will go all out  by launching our crazy, cool campaign.

Will you be part of our STARTUP-team and work together with other motivated and ambitious students? You will be challenged on creativity, organizational and analytical skills to make waste separation sexy. An exciting opportunity for students (MSc/BSc) in i.a. environmental sciences, communication sciences, urban environmental management, nutrition and health, health and society that actually want to DO something!

We offer an opportunity to gain working experience. Expect to expand your professional network, making your wildest dreams regarding waste separation come true and a modest financial compensation. In exchange we ask for your contribution and support on:

  • A very creative plan to promote waste separation;
  • App Development;
  • Gathering feedback at the client.

We are looking for creative idea’s,  so instead of your resume, please send us how you would go about this challenge with a short, creative plan and what would be your role in this plan. (noor@binbang.nl). Please tag your friends that would be interested, we are looking for a team of 5-10 students.